Lakeland Lawn Fertilization

With lawn fertilization in Lakeland from the expert team at TruGreen®, you can enjoy a healthy lawn in no time. We’re committed to offering the efficient lawn treatments you need and the top-notch customer service you deserve. Your lawn’s personalized treatment is based on the results of a Healthy Lawn Analysis, which allows us to deliver just the right amount of fertilizer at just the right time.

As part of our TruGreen Lawn Plan, you can expect to receive exceptional customer care and a treatment schedule tailored to suit your lawn’s soil type, climate, usage and more. This information allows us to provide treatment that perfectly meets your lawn’s needs. Nonetheless, if for some reason you aren't satisfied with the results, we will work to remedy the situation until you are pleased with the outcome.

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Impressive Service, Remarkable Results

We recognize the importance of achieving a healthy, thriving lawn, but we also recognize that you may not have time to get it to that state by yourself. That's why you can trust your lawn care tasks, including fertilization, weed control, lawn pest control, and more, to TruGreen. So, if you’re ready to refresh your home’s curb appeal, contact the professionals at your local TruGreen in Lakeland, Florida.

A great lawn starts with a tailored plan, which is why we develop a 12-month care plan as part of our Healthy Lawn Analysis. Thanks to TruGreen's high quality lawn fertilization in Lakeland, Florida and many other tailored services, you can have a lush, elegant lawn in no time. It’s time for a greener, healthier lawn! Submit our online form or call now to schedule your TruGreen Lawn Plan today.

You can trust TruGreen for expert lawn fertilization services in Lakeland